“Cooking with Mommy” ~ First Kids Class Offering

I am SO happy to be offering this first cooking class for children and their Moms at Ketmala’s Kitchen this month.  It is so important to involve the little ones daily in the kitchen either to peel some carrots, wash the salad, crack an egg, stir the batter, and so on. They are fast learner and always eager to help and make perfect little sous-chefs! I learned so much while helping my parents to cook when I was a little girl that I truly believe my passion for food all began in the heart of our “petite cuisine” (little kitchen) in the country side of France.

Get your kids involved often and share your cooking with them in your own kitchen soon!

Cooking with Mommy – Let’s have some fun with the Kids at Ketmala’s Kitchen and get them helping with their little hands to make everything from scratch: Homemade spelt dough for the Green Kitchen Saffron Buns for breakfast or snack, preparing fresh peas for the heavenly creamy  Spring Pea Hummus not to forget the little delightful “Barquettes Choco Framboise” or Raspberry Chocolate Treats to put a smile on anyone’s face, including the grown-ups!

Teach your children early a lifetime cookery skill and not only will they enjoy cooking along with you, but most importantly they sure will savor their delicious creations, made with love and joy, to the last crumbs!

All the recipes for this kids class will be DAIRY free, SOY free & NUT Free. Gluten free or Vegan option available at registration.

Cost:  $95 for both Mom & Child, includes 3 hour class, recipes, food tasting.

Date:  Saturday, April 20th 2013

Time:  1:30pm to 4:30pm

A la cuisine tout le monde! (to the kitchen folks!) I can hardly wait!!!

Spring is in the air, enjoy it!



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