30-Minute Weeknight Meals

Are you finding yourself running around between a busy day at work, multiple errands to tackle or driving to your kids activities in the evening?  It does not leave you with much time to cook during the weeknight, doesn’t it? … Continue reading

Everyday Artisan Bread

Whether you are a novice, or already experienced at bread-making, this Everyday Artisan Bread class will introduce you to new techniques that will simplify your life and raise your baking skills to a new level.  You will be guided step-by-step through the multiples … Continue reading

French Crêpes Kid’s Cooking Class at Chefanti – NEW OFFERING!

This past Sunday, February 2nd was not only Superbowl in the U.S., but also “la Chandeleur” – the national Crêpe Day in France!  Thus, Chef Anne Moriarta, Jennifer Moriarta and I thought that it will be an excellent opportunity to … Continue reading

Festive Holiday Baking — ALL NEW RECIPES!!!

WOW your family and guests this Holiday Season with a selection of delectable “petits choux” (pronounced “peh-tee shoo”) meaning a light shell pastry filled with cream, custard or ice-cream should you fancy for “choux à la crème” (pronounced “shoo a-lakrem”) for cream … Continue reading