Enjoy the following collection of my favorite everyday recipes.  My family starts the day with the Green Power Smoothie with its many variations, and our children love the French Lentil Salad for lunch or dinner.

Give them a try at home and experiment with your own substitution should you have any dietary needs or preferences.

Green Smoothie © KETMALA’S KITCHEN 2012-14Blueberry Smoothie © Ketmala's Kitchen 2012-13 Asparagus Tarts & Cheese © Ketmala's Kitchen 2012-13 Ketmala's French Lentil Salad © Ketmala's Kitchen 2012-13 Spelt Pumpkin Bread © KETMALA’S KITCHEN 2012. Tiny Healthy Treat with Coconut © KETMALA’S KITCHEN 2012-13 Orange Pistachio Tuiles © KETMALA’S KITCHEN 2012-13  Strawberry Lemon Mint Spa Water © KETMALA’S KITCHEN 2012-13  Cucumber Lime Mint Spa Water © KETMALA’S KITCHEN 2012-13  Homemade Vanilla Extract © KETMALA’S KITCHEN 2012-13 Almond Yogurt Waffles © KETMALA’S KITCHEN 2012-13  Sun Kissed Gazpacho © KETMALA’S KITCHEN 2012-13  Roasted Butternut Squash Soup © Ketmala's Kitchen 2012-13 Roasted Delicata Squash © KETMALA’S KITCHEN 2012-13 Green Kitchen Stories Gingerbread Shake © KETMALA’S KITCHEN 2012-13 Green Kitchen Stories Strawberry Peanut Butter Milkshake © KETMALA’S KITCHEN 2012-13 IMG_3225 Strawberry Moon Smoothie


Have fun in the kitchen and bon appétit!

All photographs and contents © Ketmala’s Kitchen 2012-23 and cannot be used without permission. 

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