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Are you wondering about my teaching style and abilities?  Find out what students are saying after attending my cooking classes:

 About the “30 mns Weeknight Meals” Class:

  • The class was amazing! So much fun and I learned a lot. I can’t wait to use these recipes and techniques at home.” ~ Kim O. – Exton, PA
  • “Smooth and thorough. Very organized and confident. I will definitely try another class again.” ~ Simone P.- Wayne, PA

About the “Artisan Bread” Class:

  • “I throughly enjoyed your Artisan Bread Making Class! I was so impressed with your organization, preparation, and knowledge!  You shared so many helpful tips and details that made me feel very confident to go home and try to make my first loaf – which I did and it turned out great!” ~ Corinne G. – West Chester, PA
  • “Ketmala’s classes are very clear and very well orchestrated, the written informations are very easy to follow as well. Can’t wait for another class with new breadmaking recipes.” ~ Olga L. – King of Prussia, PA
  • “Excellent explanation and thorough cooking demonstration with clear recipes. Friendly instructor and the class was given in a pleasant setting. Ketmala told us that the more we make bread the better we will master the art of artisan breadmaking!” ~ Karine C. – West Chester, PA
  • “It was so inspiring to see Ketmala teaching us how to make a real bread with such passion and enthusiasm!!! Everything was prepared in advance – it must have taken Ketmala days to do all that! We had such great time and we all got to make our own bread and take it home! Delicious!!! Thank you Ketmala!” ~ Claudia, D. – West Chester, PA                                                                    
  • “Artisan bread making is an art and a labor of love, but the bread is so healthy and delicious. Well worth the effort!” ~ Susanne R. – West Chester, PA 
  • “Thank you so much for sharing your amazing wealth of knowledge. I am excited to go home and bake my olive loaf! The bread is so delicious, almost beyond words. Again I have learned many tips, techniques and about the best tools to have in the kitchen.” ~ Leslie, S. – Chadds Ford, PA
  • “Such a great class and unique information we got from the session. A healthy bread that one would not and could not buy in the store. Small details and hands-on tips that made the bread class very special. Thank you Ketmala.” ~ Wendy T. – Exton, PA

About the “Fresh Spring/Summer Rolls” Class:

  • “I had a great time learning how to make fresh spring rolls! I can’t wait to try them at home. Thank you.” ~ Samantha S. – West Chester, PA
  • “So much detail and wonderful tips! Delicious & impressive!” ~ Corinne G. –  West Chester, PA
  • “Better than I imagined! SO EASY – Thanks Ketmala”  ~ Kelly L. Downingtown, PA.
  • “ Génial! (Super!) A wonderful class with Ketmala, easy way to learn spring rolls.  Merci (Thank you)” ~ Karine C. – West Chester, PA
  • “Thank you so much. One more healthy meal to do!” ~ Emilie P. – Exton, PA
  • “Wonderful! Fun & delicious! Thank you so much again for the class on making spring rolls. My family really enjoyed eating them!” ~ Susanne R – West Chester, PA

About the “Raw Living Food” Class:

  • Very nice Raw Food class!!  Thank you so much Ketmala!” ~ Suzanna L. – West Chester, PA
  • “So delicious and informative!  Amazing what you can do with simple, fresh ingredients!” ~ Corinne G. – West Chester, PA
  • “What an eye opener!  All the Raw Food we tested was satisfying and delicious.” ~ Suzanne R. – West Chester, PA
  • “Fabulous class! Who knew you could do so much with raw almonds! The raw chocolate mousse was equally phenomenal. Thank you!” ~ Sharon H. G. – Exton, PA
  • “Beyond my expectations. I thought I knew what this was going to be about and it was so much more. This was my second class, I will come back again!” ~ Kelly L. Downingtown, PA
  • “Ketmala’s Raw Food class was very informative and fun. The food was delicious and nutritious and I look forward to trying out the recipes she provided us. She packed a great deal of information and instruction in a short amount of time. We prepared several dishes including drink, appetizers, entrée and a mouth-watering nutritious dessert. I would highly recommend her classes to anyone, but I think “Raw Living Food” class would be especially beneficial for anyone with health related concerns. It was a joy to be a participant and I look forward to future classes with her.” ~ Christa B. – Philadelphia, PA

About the “French Macarons” Class:

  • “I so enjoyed Ketmala’s French Macarons Class!  The step by step instructions and “insider tips” will absolutely help me get through my own attempt at making them.  I would recommend this class to anyone.  Thank you Ketmala!” ~ Dee E. – West Chester, PA
  • “I found this Macarons Class very interesting. It is so helpful to visualize all the steps of the process.  Ketmala’s presentation is very neat and detailed.  What a great class, I really enjoyed it!” ~ Fabienne L. – Merion Station, PA
  • “This was a very special “Macaron” class as in the US, they cannot be seen here.  The class was complete and we got to do and see from start to finish and of course to taste them.  The “Macarons” all came out light and fluffy.” ~ Wendy T. – Exton, PA                                                                                                                     

About the “Savory & Sweet French Crêpes” Class:

  • “I would have never thought that it would be so simple and easy to make the delicate French crêpes. They are delicious and my family will enjoy them tonight!” ~ Leslie S. – Chadds Ford, PA                                                                                                                                     
  • “I enjoyed cooking along with Ketmala and learning additional kitchen skills. Flipping the crêpe was impressive and fun. The best part was making homemade “Nutella” – so good and healthy!” ~ Jennifer  C. – Malvern, PA                                                              
About the “Quiches, Tarts & Tartlets” Class:                                                                                                                                                          
  • “I have learned so much today! The quiches, tartes & tartelettes are beautiful and so simple. Ketmala taught me so many great cooking techniques, substitutions (dairy free, vegan, etc.) and so many excellent tips. I cannot wait for the Artisan Bread class, Raw Food, and more!” ~ Leslie S. – Chadds Ford, PA                                                                                                                                        
  • “Excellent class from start to finish and Ketmala was knowledgeable and accommodating, she made a last-minute change in her recipe to adjust to my daughter’s lactose free & gluten free diet! Thank you again.” ~ Rachel P. – Marlton, NJ                                                                                                                                                                                        
  • Thanks a lot Ketmala! I love making the dough from scratch and by hand with your help. It was a lot easier than I thought and certainly healthier. I will be able to have quiches, tarts and tartlets now despite my allergies.” ~ Anna P. – Marlton, NJ                                                                                                                       
About the “Bold & Beautiful Vegetarian Food” Class:                                                                                                                                                          
  • “I didn’t know that cooking with vegetables could be so much fun and everything tasted delicious.  I learned a lot today thanks to Ketmala and her many cooking tips!” ~ Sara S. – West Chester, PA                                                                                                                                        
  • “The vegetarian food was vibrant, beautiful and oh so delightful. I wasn’t sure about the celeriac dish nor the green Kohlrabi, but they both tasted fresh and fantastic.” ~ Rachel P. – Marlton, NJ                                                                                                                                                                                       
  • The class was beyond my expectations. It was certainly not about how to throw a few salads together, but all about cooking simple, seasonal, healthy and tasty food with all sort of vegetarian ingredients. Thank you again Ketmala for another great class!” ~ Anna P. – Marlton, NJ                                                         
About the “Savory Little Asian Dumplings” Class:                                                                                                                                                                                             
  • “Yum! The dumplings were so delicious. Ketmala works her magic with chopping, combining ingredients, and cooking. It was great to learn about using new ingredients like garlic chives and black rice vinegar. We were also taught a few tricks like removing water from cabbage and how to wrap the fancy little packages called dumplings.” ~ Peg L. – Lancaster, PA                                                                                                                                 
  • “It was a fresh Asian breeze with Ketmala. A splendid day for an exceptional class. A journey through Asia with all the exotic ingredients easy to find in West Chester. Thank you much.” ~ Karine C. – West Chester, PA                                                                                                                                                                                 
  •  This was a very informational and fun class. Ketmala was very energetic and well versed in Asian cooking. It was a very warm and friendly experience and I look forward to my next class with her.” ~ Darlene H. – Danielsville, PA
About the “Thai Soups” Class:
  • “Loved the class. The explanation of the different ingredients was most helpful. What they are, where to buy and how to use. I liked the variety of soups as well and the freshness of the ingredients. Ketmala makes even the most exotic and complex recipes simple and fun. Thank you and best of luck!” ~ Shelly G. – Malvern, PA
  • “Merci Ketmala. Une très belle soirée enneigée fût transformée en une soirée épicée. Wow, les soupes sont délicieuses! Thai un jour, Thai toujours!” ~ Karine C. – West Chester, PA
  • “Delicious! Lots of tips and tricks were shared and we were introduced to Thai ingredients in a non-intimidating way. Fun and informative Thai Soup Class.” ~ Corinne G. – West Chester, PA   


Thank you to all my students for their kind words and for attending one, two, and many classes at Ketmala’s Kitchen.  You keep me inspired with your support, enthusiasm and eagerness to learn and expand your cooking horizon.  I am looking forward to our next fun cooking time in my kitchen and sharing good food together.                                                                                                                                                                

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    • Thank you Kabriana for your interest in the French macaron class. Due to my busy schedule with private classes, cooking demos and pantry makeover, I now only offer this particular one for a group of at least six attendees. Hope this answers your question. Ketmala


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