Cooking with Mommy Kids Class and Mother’s Day Almond Yogurt Waffles Recipe

Teaching a cooking class to the little ones is a very different experience than teaching to the adults, then you add to the mix 5 kids and 4 Moms and you sure have a full kitchen with busy bodies, hands everywhere , questions flying left and right and lots of laughter! I would have not expected otherwise after many hours of cooking and baking with my own kids and that’s part of the fun, kids are great little sous-chefs as they learn quickly and always find a way to make you smile with their impromptu and candid questions/answers like these: “How does salt taste?” “Wow, very salty!” “Can we add lots of fruits to make it extra yummy?” ” Can we lick the spoon with the melted chocolate?” Here’s a photo collage from the first “Cooking with Mommy” kids class at Ketmala’s Kitchen back awhile ago. The kids certainly kept me busy and on my toes during the entire session. We all enjoyed measuring with a digital scale,  melting the chocolate au “bain-marie” (double-boiler), using a piping bag to make our mini chocolate bites and decorating them with extra fresh fruits. Cooking with Mommy Class © KETMALA’S KITCHEN 2012-13 Then it was fun scooping the flour, mixing the dough by hand and of course with the stand mixer, rolling the dough and shaping the buns; when these were cooking in the oven the children got to play around the house while the Moms and older kids hung around  a little bit longer to make the pea hummus and prepare the crudité platter. Cooking with Mommy © KETMALA’S KITCHEN 2012-13 At the end of the session, Kids and Moms gathered around the dining table and everyone finally got to taste the Spring Peas Hummus with Crudité, Green Kitchen Saffron Buns (dairy & soy free version) and the little Raspberry/Blueberry Chocolate Barquettes (bites). Everyone gave a thumb up to all the culinary creations made together that afternoon. All the recipes were simple enough that the kids were able to help, healthful enough to earn the Moms’ seal of approval and tasty enough to please everyone’s gourmet palate! We took some pictures and I was lucky to receive a big hug from each child who thanked me for teaching them a few things during class and some of them even told me: “I would like very much to come back again when I have the extra time.”  Sounds good to me! Cooking with Mommy © KETMALA’S KITCHEN 2012-13 Mother’s Day is around the corner, surprise your Mom this Sunday and treat her to a relaxing brunch made with love. Since your Mom has cooked numerous meals for you before, remember to make sure that she doesn’t have to lift a finger before, during, or after the meal because clean-up’s on you this time around, right? Here’s a simple recipe made often with my children on our Sunday mornings. Almond Yogurt Waffles © KETMALA’S KITCHEN 2012-13

Almond  & Yogurt Waffles (makes 6 medium sized waffles, suitable for GF, DF, SF)

Slightly adapted from Roost foodblog. I stumbled upon these delicious Almond Yogurt Waffles by Roost.  Check it out, she even shared a beautiful video on how to make them. Ingredients:

3 cups almond flour
1/2 teaspoon sea salt
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1 teaspoon ground nutmeg
4 eggs, preferably organic (use flax/chia egg* for vegan)
1 1/2 Tablespoons raw honey (maple syrup or coconut nectar)
1/2 cup organic yogurt of choice (coconut or almond yogurt)
1 very ripe banana, mashed with a fork
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract (optional)


Combine all dry ingredients into a bowl. Add the wet ingredients and whisk until a batter forms. Pour 1/2 cup of batter onto a greased waffle iron and cook for 2 minutes. All waffle irons vary in temperature so you may need more or less time. Mine has a timer, which turns green when the waffle is ready.
* For a vegan version, use flax or chia egg.  1 egg = 1 Tablespoon ground flax seeds or ground chia seeds with 3 Tablespoons filtered water. Mix well, let it stand for 10 minutes to thicken, then use the egg mixture as per recipe. Multiply by number of eggs needed in your recipe. I prefer to use a chia egg mixture when I bake because it can stand up to heat.
Orange Honey Syrup


1/2 cup raw honey (I use pure maple syrup Grade B)
1/2 Tablespoons of orange zest, preferably organic
Juice from 1/2 an orange, preferably organic


Whisk ingredients until it turns to a smooth syrup. Pour over waffles and enjoy. My kids LOVE this orange honey syrup.


You could use sunflower seed flour, oat flour and/or a combination of each should you not wish to use all almond flour. Though the almond flour does give the waffles a nice texture and flavor.
If you don’t like banana, feel free to substitute with apple sauce.
Sometime to make them extra special, my kids add mini chocolate chips from Enjoy Life while I sprinkle mine with chia seeds.
Serve with bowl of fresh rainbow fruit salad for the anti-oxidants and maybe with a Cucumber Lime Mint or Strawberry Lemon Mint inspired spa water, see recipes here.
Use organic ingredients when possible.

Wishing my “belle Maman” (beautiful Mom) & Moms everywhere a wonderful Happy Mother’s Day!!! XO, Ketmala


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