Spring Rolls Class

It’s that time of the year again when beautiful produce are in season in your local store or farmers market stand and you just want to eat them “au naturel” without fuss to preserve as much enzymes, vitamins and minerals as possible.  I have the perfect Spring Rolls for you to try, so come on over and I’ll show you how simple and quick to whip up these little parcels with a variety of delicious fillings to enjoy.  Not only are they beautiful to look at, but they are also packed with nutrition, very satisfying and will explode your mouth with lots of flavor once you bite into it!

“Spring Rolls” – It’s time to try something new and add to your cooking répertoire. Learn to use thin rice paper, mung bean vermicelli, spring vegetables such as young carrots, asparagus, sweet pea sprouts, fragrant herbs and much more to make a variety of flavorful fresh rolls now and throughout the summertime. They  will be pleasing to the eyes as well as light, healthy and tasty! You won’t believe it’s that easy and will amaze yourself and everyone at your next dinner party too.

This class is suitable to Gluten Free & Dairy Free diet and can be modify to Soy Free diet.

Fee: $65 includes 2 1/4 hour class, recipe & food tasting.

Date:  Friday, June 14th, 2013

Time:  7:30pm to 9:45pm

Thank you to contact me here should you wish to sign up for the class and/or call me directly at 1 (215) 520 2788 for any further questions.

By the way, a good client of mine had a “Spring Rolls” Dinner Party back in February and she sent me the following sweet note along with a photo of her pretty rolls.  Excellent job Susanne, you are making me proud and I am smiling from ear to ear!!!

“Ketmala, the spring rolls were a HUGE success as the appetizer course of our neighborhood progressive dinner!  It was so much prep work leading up to it, but it was worth it — and my teacher prepared me very well! You were right about the quantities; I made more than you recommended and it was too many.  We were expecting about 70 people, so I made two per person for a total of 140.  You had suggested one and a half per person.  There was some snow that night, so 60 people came.  And I also served marinated shrimp and steamed edamame, so I should have only made about 90-100 rolls.  I made half shrimp and half vegetable.  I was nervous to make bigger ones and cut them in half, as you suggested, in case they fell apart, so I made more smaller ones.  It took longer than I expected to roll them so one of my daughters started helping me; I got many compliments on the rolls, several people asked where I bought them (!), and others asked for the recipe.  Here’s a picture of the shrimp rolls.  I had to make a second layer to fit all the rolls, so I put large lettuce leaves between the layers.  Your lessons and help were invaluable.  Thank you so much!”  Susanne R ~ West Chester, PA.

Susanne's Spring Rolls - Photo Courtesy of Susanne R.

Susanne’s Pretty Spring Rolls – Photo Courtesy of Susanne R.

I am off to sunny Puerto Rico tomorrow morning to attend one of my old friend wedding and also to enjoy a mini vacation solo, hope to share with you a new recipe or two upon my return and maybe a few photos of my trip too.  I am so looking forward to unwind and relax on the sandy beach soon.

Enjoy the rest of the week and weekend ahead tout le monde! (everyone!)

😉  Ketmala



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